sarah pie (corpsegutted) wrote in thequestionclub,
sarah pie

i'm planning an event that's tomorrow night and i need a little help. it's a formal masquerade - live music, desserts, drinks, everybody dresses up and wears masks. we have someone MCing and there is going to be a competition for best masks, little stuff like that. everything seems well planned out so far, but i'm worried about having other little things inbetween music sets.
what are some social event sort of games or whatever that can happen in a few minutes to kill time, but are still fun? the atomosphere is really chill, people are sitting at tables mingling with whomever. so it'd be like, if the MC got up on stage and said whatever, people would pay attention and participate from their tables or could come on stage. oh, and it's college-aged people.

if you don't care - what do you think of icoke? do you have an icoke account and do you actually use your points?
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