researchme (researchme) wrote in thequestionclub,

Can you please decipher this for me.
I emailed my prof and told her I was sick as shit, and if I could email her my project that is due today, and this is what she wrote back:

"As soon as you complete the assignment, you can email it to me so that I have the final version in my inbox to apply late penalties, so any time after 7 today it is 5% late, etc. 

You also have to submit a hardcopy to the Humanities Department, the second floor of BlahBlahBlahCollege, in the dropbox. Make sure my name is on it. And, ideally, you want to get this in by Thursday because I won't be on campus Friday."
What does she mean by the text I bolded and underlined?  Does that mean I will have late penalties regardless if I sent it in before 7pm, or does that mean just after 7pm I would have got late penalties?

I am confused.  (i emailed her asking her, but I know she wont get back to me until much later)
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