schubade (schubade) wrote in thequestionclub,

So last semester, I asked one of my teachers to write me a recommendation letter. She did, and she left it open in case I wanted to read it, so clearly she didn't mind either way. I read it and it was really nice and wonderful, and I have really high hopes for the scholarship that I applied for because of the great thing she had to say.

SO my question is this. Should I get her like... some kind of gift or something? Is that weird? Do people generally do that? This is the first rec letter I've gotten so... I dunno. I didn't even think about it until my mother told me I should get her something, like maybe a bottle of wine.

I just saw her actually and we said hi but it was a quick thing, we didn't really stop, and then I immediately felt like an ass because I should've said something like thanks for the letter. I mean of course I already thanked her, but now I already read it and everything... and it got me thinking about this whole thing again, because it's been like, a month and a half since she's given me the letter. We had winter break though so if I was to give her something for it, I would have only had about two weeks so far to do so, so it's not like it's been -super- long or anything.

So yeah, I dunno. Is that weird? What would you do?
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