researchme (researchme) wrote in thequestionclub,

ugh, well i screwed myself.

i am now full blown sick again, i have a fever, chills, huge headache, my asthma is killing me, my throat is on fire and i cant breathe out of my nose.  this sucks.

i also have a big project due tomorrow, which i did finish in rough but i havent typed it out (i always write everything down on paper first)

i went to work today because it was just the begininng of the sickness and not so bad, and i also actually went to school to talk to my prof about said project. (stupidly i didnt say anything about being sick, although she might have noticed, but she might have not as well)

now, the question is, should i go to work tomorrow, or stay home (considering i missed 2 days of work  weeks ago bc of strep throat) and also, should i attempt to type out my project (either at work or at home) tomorrow, its due at 7pm. or should i get a doctors note and try to get an extension (i actually went to the doctors today to check myself out) (if i dont get an extension its -5% a day)
what the hell would you do in the situation?
*i do know this is my responsibility, and the project will get done regardless, i just also know how shitty i am going to feel tomorrow*
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