Beggar Girl (beggargirl) wrote in thequestionclub,
Beggar Girl

Long Shot

Heya TQC!

A while back in an old posts I spoke to someone in the comments about how they got funding for their post-secondary education through some government program in their province in Canada, that almost noone seemed to have known about, but they were lucky enough to have stumbled across it.

In the comments I posted that I was in B.C. but was interested to know the name of the program that they were funded through, so that I could contact them and see if my province had an equivalent program, and the poster was kind enough to reply. I can NOT find this in my book marks :(

I'm just wondering if this wonderful person is still around, and if they could still give me the info?

Otherwise, does anyone else have any recommendations where an older, third year, part time student who is working to pay for schooling (without being on student loans), can find methods of school funding?

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