Molly ღ (x3_molly) wrote in thequestionclub,
Molly ღ


So, I have a 7-9 page paper due Tuesday on a "philosophical issue" for my Ethics in Education class. Not a big deal, and it shouldn't be too hard for me... except for the fact that I'm sick. :\ I was planning to start/finish the paper Saturday, but I woke up with what I believe was a fever, and ending up sleeping all but 5 hours that day (in the five hours I was awake, I was pretty much useless, lol).

Additional info that may or may not be relevant:
-This sickness is going through campus, so it's not out of the blue (I have like, a ~1500 person campus, not hard to get sick here)
-I don't seem to have a fever anymore, but I have what seems to be an awful head cold and it's hard for me to stay awake for more than ~5 hours.
-The professor is super nice... but I don't really know her at all.
-I've gotten 4/4 on all of my mini-assignments thus far, participate in class, etc.

Would it be totally out of line to go to the professor's office early tomorrow morning and ask for a one day extension?

ETA: The syllabus merely says this of late assignments, "Note: Late submissions must be prearranged with the instructor."
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