What happens when two substances collide (roasted_kiwi) wrote in thequestionclub,
What happens when two substances collide


Dr. TQC, should I go to the E.R.?
I have had a really bad fever + extreme fatigue + chest congestion since Friday evening. I spent all of yesterday and most of today lying on the couch, shivering uncontrollably despite the fleece blanket and electric blanket (turned all the way up) that I was rolled up under.
I haven't had any appetite either.
This afternoon I had a surge of hunger/energy and ate a peanut butter sandwich; I've felt super-tired since then, but I think my fever has gone way down-- in any case, I stopped shivering. My roommate just lent me her thermometer and despite me feeling loads better, my fever is still 103.4, and I can no longer cough stuff up even though I can feel it in my lungs.
I kind of think I should see a doctor, but if it's a bad cold/flu/virus they can't do anything, can they?

When's the last time you were really sick?

Edit: thanks guys. My roommate is taking me to the E.R. in five minutes.
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