getoffmeplease (getoffmeplease) wrote in thequestionclub,

Will you please share your experiences with doing group assignments?
How much does it fucking suck?
Do you have any tips on how to make it suck less and how to deal with difficult group members?

We have to work in groups of two for an assignment this term and I can already tell it's going to suck balls. It's worse because it's a creative assignment so we can't really just split everything between us like "ok, you do this bit and that bit and I'll do this other bit and the last bit and we'll be done." We actually have to work together and agree on everything.

There are three vague descriptions of possible muses and we have to select the muse, make up a life for her, be inspired by her and design a couple of outfits. We have to make a visual diary together, a mood board, a design board with 3 oufits on them and then we have to make one of the outfits. Oh, and we need to do an oral presentation at the end of all that.

So far this girl I'm with has shot down every single one of my ideas yet she seems to have no ideas of her own. I repeatedly asked her what she thought then and encouraged her input and she would just go "Oh, I don't know." and "I don't know. I just want to do something simple!" Urgh. Bitch, simple isn't going to get us a good grade. 
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