Katie (wishesorhopes) wrote in thequestionclub,

cartilage piercing

So, last November, I had a quarter-life crisis and got my ear cartilage pierced in an attempt to be more badass/cool/whatever. Well, I am lazy and forgetful, and did not do a good job of cleaning it. I was trying to let it naturally heal by just leaving it alone, and I would, whenever I bothered to, sanitize it with sea salt as the piercing place recommended: get a Dixie cup, add water and a pinch of sea salt, mix and warm it up, dunk the piercing in there until the water cooled. I would do this every day for a week then not clean it for weeks...Well, I guess I don't do that enough because my ear is infected. There are little white bumps and it hurts sometimes. It doesn't look gross or anything...I will post a picture under a

In this picture you can't even really see them that well unless you squint but it's more noticeable in person. Look on the ear 'rim' (idk what else to call it haha).

Well, my questions are:
a. Should I just take out the piercing? (I paid $50 for this, but it was a while ago now.)
b. Or should I REDOUBLE my cleaning efforts because it still can heal?
c. What cleaning methods have worked for you with this kind of piercing?
d. Is sleeping on that side a big no-no? I always end up sleeping on that side! :(


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