one by many (zooey) wrote in thequestionclub,
one by many


Dear TQC,

I somehow got roped into being a community volunteer person in my neighborhood, where we are trying to establish a new dog park. My first task was to design a basic flyer to help raise awareness, and I finished it last night, but I'm using PhotoFiltre and it doesn't seem to understand that its idea of 8.5x11 inches/21.5x28 cm does not match reality. Or so I'm being told.

Would one of you be so kind as to figure out how to fit this stupid thing to a standard sheet of paper so we can print it? I know we have some graphic designers (and people in general who do this way more often that this one time I have) around here. The file is hizzere: via mediafire and you can use my LJ e-mail to send it back. Please oh please?

In return, I offer you a video of a klepto kitty:

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