lydia_golis (lydia_golis) wrote in thequestionclub,

Body Image Issues...

So, as I think I've mentioned here, (but apparently not often enough, according to some) I have various physical disabilities and a mental illness. At the moment, my problem is that I need to lose weight, but the conditions put some restrictions on that.

1. I'm bipolar, and am on an anti-psychotic drug which has the lovely side effect of increasing the appetite and also water weight retention. Quitting said drug cold turkey is a Bad Idea. Also, I was on an exercise kick (and doing damn well, tyvm) when I went manic. Shaking the association "exercise = mania" won't happen overnight.

2. I have cerebral palsy, which basically means I can't hop on a bike and cycle away the pounds. Does mean my spastic muscles burn more calories, though.

3. Vision issues mean I can't drive and must be driven nearly everywhere here in San Diego. Also, any exercise/sport which relies very much on depth perception is a Bad Idea. Ditto anything that could injure my head, due to my hydrocephalus.

So, what can and should I do, diet and exercise wise, to lose the weight?  Especially in terms of inches? Any herbal appetite suppressants?

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