clockworkgirl21 (clockworkgirl21) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you ever seen Marquis(1989)? Or other obscure movies?

There is the trailer. Not really safe for work.

It's a film about the French revolution. The characters are portrayed as animals, and the actors are wearing anamatronic(sp) masks. The Marquis, a dog, writes erotic stories and talks to his penis, named Collin. The other characters try to either push or discourage the revolution, based on their interests. It's hard to find with English subtitles, and it's very absurd. You can't take it seriously.

And yet, I love this movie. It's actually deep, well made, and you start to care about the characters even though they're so absurd(the only word to really describe this movie). It deserves to be more well known that it is. I watched expecting to be entertained by how bad it was, but I was entertained for exactly the opposite reason. I wouldn't mind having it on DVD.

As for other lesser known movies, how about the 1979 movie Time After Time? I enjoyed watching HG Wells go after Jack the Ripper.

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