buzzboomsplat (buzzboomsplat) wrote in thequestionclub,

My rewards card for the German rail system got automatically renewed in October because I forgot to cancel it 6 weeks before the renewal date. (Fuck automatic renewal. Seriously). The bill got sent to my old address and I got told that it came, but they never forwarded the bill.

I remembered to change my address and eventually I ended up getting the original bill. I paid the 57 Euro and my card arrived in the mail a couple of weeks later.

Today I was sorting through all my papers and I found a copy of that same bill, for 57 Euro, as well as a bill for 59.50, which was the same thing but with an extra 2.50 to punish me for not paying on time.

Do you think that it doesn't matter because I paid them most of the amount? Or is me not paying that 2.50 going to come back to haunt me?

I'm leaving the country in just over a week and just have this feeling that people would make a big deal about 2.50 because they are ridiculous. But since they sent me my card after the payment presumably got processed, it also seems like it's fine...

I'm going to go to the bank next week to close my account and I will check with them that the payment went through and how much I paid. Should I just pay the 2.50 just in case?

edited to add less boring question: Would you recommend me an episode of Supernatural to watch after I've written some more of my paper? Or even just a season that is particularly good?

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