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(( my friend just chucked THE BIGGEST spack because I said i dont really bother remembering peoples names (i really suck at names) and didnt really care/mind about his new friends plus/friends with benefits...
i saidd. is your lady friend coming tonight?
him.. her namee is ** name **
me: lol i dont doo names
him: yes you do with other people
me: yep but not for people i dotn mind/care about
ive only met his new friends plus for less than 2 mins....
why is he being so dramatic???  he is full on rantting at me now about how im disrespectful etc because i dont mind her or remember her name  :S
maybe i was a bit rude, but do i have to 'mind' about my friends plusses that ive only met once.. ? :S i really do suck at names and i dono what the big deal is :S
('mind' : - and i told this to my friend - its not like i actively DO NOT CARE about her, its just a very 'meh' attitude about her cos i dont know her :S i dont think about her..)
(he is now furious that i suggested maybe this convo is getting out of hand - he is really super offended :S )

> are you good at remembering names? 
> do you mind/care about your friends friends that you suspect you wont see again..  ?

edit 2: (font size change) never mind lol apparently i'm just bitchy.

random fb question: all the writing on my fb page/homepage etc just went super tiny (the whole window) .. i didnt change any settings.  how do i fix it..? my lj window is still normal.. edit: fixed. thanks =>

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