RoxAnne (sandrasolaria) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey, TQC, make my supper decisions for me. Should I brave the snow to go into town (5 or 6 minute drive each way) to get a chicken strip dinner and some chili cheese fries from Sonic, or should I make a tortilla pizza and stay in? The roads aren't really all that bad, but the other drivers are morons.

Have you ever given/gotten roses (or other flowers) for Valentine's day? Do you prefer flowers or something like chocolate or a stuffed animal?

If you try to kill a spider or another bug and it gets away, do you ever feel like it's going to come back in a few minutes five times the size and with an army? I'm really paranoid when it comes to arachnids and bugs.

Do you ever get people mocking you for things out of your control? I tried telling my dad that him slamming stuff around in the kitchen makes me really anxious but he just laughed at me, called me a big baby, and told me to suck it up.

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