thecatreturns (thecatreturns) wrote in thequestionclub,

Irrational, am I?...... in this situation.....

Apparently the two people i've talked to about this do not find me to be rational in this situation.
So, tqc, you're usually quite unbiased so I turn to you.

A recent ex and I had be seeing each other off and on (mostly on) for more than a year and a half.
He is a student journalist and after we had ended things permanently he contacted a friend of mine for the first time for an interview that had very tenuous relations to do with the article he was writing (she was actually a pretty inappropriate source to use for this article).

They began talking despite my friend knowing the way he treated me (which was emotionally/mentally and near the end sexually abusive).
Am I being irrational for being mad at her for engaging him in pleasant conversation and adding him on facebook (I know, lame but...)?
I feel as if she was my friend she would want nothing to do with him.
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