researchme (researchme) wrote in thequestionclub,

now i am the one who is sensitive.
i have an assignment due, next week, and we have to think of a "conceptual question" regarding an article we are reading.
this whole unit has been difficult for me to wrap my head around.
i emailed the prof a couple of times, with, what i thought was conceptual questions, for her to approve for me to use.  (which she said to do)
but i keep getting it wrong.
this last email she said "review your notes-you can't get conceptual questions by stabbing in the dark" (i emailed her 3 times, with 7 questions, 3 of which she said were "possibly usable")
the sad and frustrating this is, that I HAVE MY NOTES IN FRONT OF ME, AND HAVE BEEN USING THEM ALL DAY.
i almost cried when i read what she wrote bc it made me feel so stupid and i feel she is getting frustrated with me. (she also said to email her again with "a SINGLE question")
im being too sensitive right?

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