la bella puttana (teacuptempest) wrote in thequestionclub,
la bella puttana

I am having a little bit of a freak out right now. I have a big party on Monday night and of course right now, my skin decides to fucking break out. I'm not talking a few blackheads, I have five cystic acne bumps on my lower cheek and my forehead looks like I have smallpox. It is noooot good.

1. Have you ever used an AHA/glycolic peel before? Did it work? Did it peel your skin off within a couple of days or have I left it too late for my skin to look good by monday?

2. I have been using Neutrogena's Rapid Clear range because in the past that has worked. Any other suggestions? At this point, I don't care how much it costs.

3. What multivitamins are best to maintain skin? My current skin problem is a hormonal one, but I think if I get a regular multivitamin then it might help maintain it looking alright.

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