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I love Lamp, but not right now.

 I recently bought two of these "buffet lamps" to go on the end tables of my bed. They look awesome, but there seems to be a minor design flaw. The shade just sits on top of the light bulb. Any minor jostling of the table or lamp causes them to just...slide off. This sometimes happens randomly and scares the Hell out of me at night. My mom suggested gluing them to the bulb, which is dumb because that wouldn't be good when I have to do Lamp Things(tm) like change the bulb.

What do I do?! How do I jimmyrig the shades to stay on? Right now it's a delicate and annoying balancing act.

**EDIT**-Nope, you don't screw in the bulb after putting in the shade. The ring is at the top of the shade. O_o

Don't care about 'bout my lamp sadness-

What sound do you hate most?

Bare feet on linolium flooring. It just sounds gross.

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