isacoconut (isacoconut) wrote in thequestionclub,

validate me

It's 11:15 pm and I have just decided that I need to take a personal day tomorrow - my first day off that wasn't two-weeks-at-my-mom's-for-Christmas ever. I have my important bases covered and I'm like 99.9% sure taking the time won't be an issue... that's kind of what personal days are for, right? My boss and I have a pretty casual relationship, and he has a new baby at home but his iPhone is permanently attached to his hand so he'd see an email if I were to send one. It's probably too late to call him, and I should just send him an email letting him know I won't be in tomorrow, right?

When was your last non-scheduled/non-regular day off? (Like if you typically work 9-5 weekdays, NOT a weekend; or if you typically work mornings M, W, Th, F, Sa, not a Tues or a Sun) What did you do?

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