Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Two totally unrelated questions:

Now that I've joined a gym and am going 5-6 times per week, as well as have fitness classes in college Monday-Thursday, I need some new workout shoes. I have Pumas that I love and really would not like to give up, but they are hurting my toes too badly. Not sure if my feet grew a bit or what, but my feet are not happy by the end of my workout. What shoes do you use to workout? Recommendations? Preferably, something cute/colorful but not too expensive. D: 

I have been struggling with a super low sex drive for a while now. It's a combination of a few things, really. For one, I am majorly stressed out and very depressed. I had a breakdown a few days ago about everything and although I feel a bit better now, I am still just not happy. That is not making me want to have sex. Also, I just started a new birth control pill about a month and a half ago, Loestrin 24 Fe. Previously, when I asked TQC about their experience on that certain pill, the majority of you guys said that you had zero sex drive on it. :( I think this is also my case, so far. And finally, I have been dealing with bartholin gland abscesses since July '10--they show up every month and cause me immense pain. Sex aggravates them, so I've been trying to just..avoid sex, I guess, because of how much of a pain in the ass these are. 

My boyfriend says he's completely fine with this but I am not, because I know he'd be happier if we were actually have sex more than once or twice a month. Is there anything I can do about my horrible sex-drive? I don't want to go off the pill.

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