smokeswirls (smokeswirls) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. What's a justifiable reason to ask for 2 weeks off from work?

2. Is this justifiable?
My family is having a big family reunion for a relative's 60th bday (in Korea, people have huge celebrations for people turning 60). The party will be in Korea in April. Because it's so far away, it's really only worth going if I can be there for 2 weeks. However, I'm a bit scared to ask for 2 weeks off from work. HOWEVER, my current work situation is such that I get paid hourly (title is freelancer) but work full-time. Since I am not a staffed employee and thus do not have a fixed amount of vacation days, would it be alright so long as my boss is cool with it? Or will it make me look bad for asking for 2 weeks off?

3. If I want to ask for this time off, how much in advance do I ask? Trip is set for April 1st as of right now.

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