timeless like a broken watch. (1158) wrote in thequestionclub,
timeless like a broken watch.

I'm supposed to go out to a karaoke bar with some friends in an hour but I'm feeling EXTREMELY shitty. Normally I'd just.. not go.. but I'm only in town for a few days, I'm moving across the world in a few months, and I don't get to see these people very often as is. On top of everything, on Saturday I met the most amazing guy who, so far, is 100% perfect for me and I know he digs me too, and he will definitely be there.

SO RIDDLE ME THIS, TQC: what the hell do I do to make myself feel better?! I really want to go and I won't have this opportunity again for quite some time. :( Symptoms at the moment are abdominal pain, I'm kinda shaky, pretty fatigued and have a bit of a headache. yaaay.

dk/dc: If you had to go up and sing a karaoke song, what would you choose? (for all you people afraid to sing in front of a crowd, what song would you sing if you weren't afraid?)

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