im thinking of what sarah said... (dreamlessmuse) wrote in thequestionclub,
im thinking of what sarah said...

Restaurant Woes

I recently accepted a position at a new restaurant opening outside of Knoxville, TN as a pastry chef. Lo and behold, when I walked in for my first day of work, I became the newly appointed kitchen manager (which adds ridiculous amounts of work to do in one week!)

The cuisine concept is Southern Comfort. My owner bought a small pot belly stove as a decorative piece to use in the restaurant. However, he wants to put sterno underneath and place a skillet in the stove with (something?) in it and leave it cooking for a few hours a day so that the smell will waft through the restaurant and hopefully generate sales.

So, my long winded question to you is, what smells would make you instantly hungry? We are mainly open for lunch and dinner, but offer breakfast on weekends, and my pastry/dessert selection will be huge. Any of these smells are acceptable, I just want to use something that can cook slowly for several hours unattended without causing problems. I don't want to use those liquid potpourris because they seem annoying and overbearing to me, like walking by a Yankee Candle Company in the mall.
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