THE SITCHU-GAYTION (jamespanic) wrote in thequestionclub,

 I am confused with the relationship I'm in. Should I just enjoy it while it lasts?
After going out for 2 months, all the sex, seeing each other almost every day and being with each others families etc he broke it off last week.
Then a few days ago over tears and laughs we decided to step it back a bit as we never had a "best friends" stage and got straight into a relationship which was quite "lovey dovey" and serious with not much talking.

I can never see myself getting over him, especially being gay it's slim pickings. When I look at him it's like omg he is so hot and he still seems so perfect. We made a pact to keep it going and strictly hugs for a ~month until we decide what we want. 2 days later we were having sex in the back of his car then last night a lot of foreplay in my bedroom. Then when he left we were back to hugging. and we were like oh, we might have to change the rules a bit.

Since the break up/patch up we actually get along a lot better and are finding out more about each other. He thinks I'm not quite "the one" though I feel like he is for me.. I'm 20 and he's 18 so we'll see each other around college a lot and I'm moving to an apartment this week. I've told him to come visit me a lot because my friends don't live around there and I get bored/lonely. Tonight we just sat in my car overlooking a lake listening to mellow music and kind of cuddling/touching each other. It was nice.

I feel happy. Is this right? I feel like we're slowly building up to where we were but it's weird going backwards.

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