Katrina (sweetest_sin_78) wrote in thequestionclub,

I work at a furniture store. We're more or less an outlet. Nothing we sell comes with a waranty unless you buy it seperatly. When we first opened (8 years ago) we didn't allow ANY returns. Since then we've given customers 7 days, with the stipulations that accessories (wall art, lamps, knick-naks, mattress pad/covers, etc) CANNOT be returned. We explain it to you and have you sign a from stating you understand this.

Today a customer came in and tried to return a mattress pad. Nope. She said, and I quote, "So what? You expected me to READ the signs?" my jaw dropped. Nah, we just put them up ALL OVER THE STORE (and state the return policy on the bottom of every reciept) for shit and giggles.

What's the last thing that caused you to go "Really?"
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