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neighborly stuff

Of course we had a blizzard earlier this week, and I have a pretty small snowblower. My husband used that to clear about 75% of the driveway of the 12+ inches of snow and then he went to our other house (that we are desperately trying to sell, so we have to keep it looking nice) to clear that driveway and rake the roof. While he was gone, I went out and attempted to shovel my sidewalks, which is a long process even after a normal snowfall because we live on a big corner lot. The snow banks were already 4 feet high and the drifts had blown in level with the snow banks. Suddenly my neighbor next door appeared with a big snowblower and did one part of the sidewalk, and then my neighbor from across the street, whom I'd never even met before, came over with a monster snowblower the size of a Yugo and cleared all the rest of the sidewalk, which would have taken me about 4 hours on my own. All I did was finish up the driveway, which took about an hour and a half.

1. I think I will be making food as a thank-you. Does this pie seem appropriate for a thank-you gift?

2. Today would be a dumb day to appear with a pie, right? Because if people are even home, they probably have a ton of wings and chili and celebratory beverages (we live in GB Packer country). I should wait to give them this pie, y/y?

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