Joanna (onlineoffline) wrote in thequestionclub,

Which of 3 things that we have control and choice over has the worst effect on a) ourselves, and b) the planet we inhabit generally? Over-eating (and its related health and social implications), smoking (and its related and social implications) and driving fossil-fuelled cars (and its health and social implications)? (You can be excused the last one if you don't live within reasonable walking distance from work, schools or shops, but what is 'reasonable' will always be debatable).

Edit: Okay, as no-one yet has actually answered what was a serious question (on a site devoted to questions) let me re-word b) even though there is an 'and' in there. Which of the 3 things in a) have the worst effect on b). And yes, we don't have a choice to be here as we are currently on earth writing things on the internet (that part is understood.)

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