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For those of you with Netflix on your game systems (especially the PS3's) Have you noticed anything weird lately about it?

When I logged into it (up until like a week ago) it took me to the main page. It would show me newest releases and let browse a bunch of different categories. It was simple and I liked it. Now when I log in it will only let me do searches and won't take me back to the main menu. It won't let me add DVD's to my DVD queue and the search part is screwed up. It's off on the left hand side and half of the letters are cut off. It doesn't give me the same menu as it did before, showing the newest releases and so on.

My roommate thinks maybe they did an update? If so, it sucks. If not, how do I fix this?? I really liked Netflix before, but now i'm so frustrated with it I do not want to renew this month.

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