umbluemusic (umbluemusic) wrote in thequestionclub,

Emergency Dentists - does anyone here have experiences with them? Care to share with me?

I have pretty significant dental phobia stemming from a really terrible root canal a few years ago. I cracked a tooth on...Monday, I guess?, but today it shifted and now I'm in extreme pain and I'm considering either a)going to an emergency dentist or b)begging my regular dentist for an appt. on Monday.

a) I don't even know what going to an emergency dentist entails, or if my insurance covers it. But, my extreme pain will be gone quicker.
b) I like my regular dentist now, but I have anxiety about seeing him because I know he'll give me a hard time for not coming in sooner. Anxiety + depression + extreme fear of dentists is not a fun combo.

So TQC, what would you recommend? Quicker relief at the hand of a (possibly inept) stranger? Or toughing it out and being in pain through the Superbowl tomorrow so that I can go to familiar and nice (but also anxiety inducing) dentist on Monday?

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