Mallory (jesuisfancy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone here receive child support? Do you actually get it every month?

My ex is about $3700 behind on child support payments (he was supposed to start paying in August 2009, but I haven't gotten one single payment). His mom told me at work yesterday, "Yeah, *ex* just filed his 2009 and 2010 taxes yesterday and it's kinda funny. He actually thinks he's getting all this money back. I'm betting it's all going to you for all the child support he owes you."

So if someone owes child support and they file their taxes, do they automatically take it out and send it to the person that's supposed to receive it? Since he obviously owes more than his tax return would be, would they send it all to me, or just a certain amount/percentage?

He's the kind of person that is like "HELL YEAH FREE MONEY I'M GONNA BLOW IT ON STUPID, EXPENSIVE SHIT" and NGL, I'm hoping I get it all so I can be like "LOL NO MONEY FOR YOU, DUMMY!"

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