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So, I live in a house with two girls. I've lived here for seven months by myself, until these two girls moved in in December. I have been (secretly) looking for a new apartment ever since then. One of the girls is the owner (she's 31), but she wasn't living here when I moved. The other is 24 and she recently lost her job. I'm 22, for reference.

31 is passive aggressive. She constantly leaves spiteful little notes when she wants something done. While I was gone over Christmas, she went in my room and cleaned. I left it a bit of a mess, which is very unusual for me, as she knows. So I told her it was all fine, but asked her to please not go in my room again without my permission. Yesterday she left me a note telling me to vacuum my room.

Is it okay for me to leave her a passive aggressive note back telling her: "Hey, thanks for the reminder, but I already vacuumed my room. I can do it again if you want."? If not, what should I do/say?

Keep in mind that, while I want to move, it is frigid winter, my family doesn't live in the area, and I will probably not be able to move for another 2 months. I do not have a lease.

tl;dr - My housemate is a bitch, should I be a bitch back? Or should I be nice because 1) I have to live here with her for two months, and 2) she owns the fucking house. HELP.
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