Erica (wannablessedbe) wrote in thequestionclub,

When you apply to a college, are you required to list any previous colleges you attended?

Long story short, I went to college for freshman year in Fall 04-Spring 05. A lot of bad things happened and I ended up failing some classes and my GPA dropped to a 1.7. Well I took a year off and now I'm ready to go back to college, but not at the same school. However, all the colleges i'm applying to are rejecting me based on that shitty year.

Can I just not list it? Is that illegal or can I get in trouble someway for it? My high school grades and stuff were good enough that I know I'd get in some places if I didn't have that crappy year. I've tried including a letter explaining why the year went bad, but I don't know if I'm not wording it right or they don't care, because they still are rejecting me.
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