Giz (gizmobunny) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've been dizzy off and on for the past two days. I went to the doctor. She drew blood and ran a bunch of tests, and everything came back normal. I am in near perfect health. I have recently had an MRI for other reasons, and nothing is wrong in my head. The doctor said my dizziness could be caused by a cold - I have a slightly stuffy nose and some drainage, but nothing I would even call a cold yet - and told me to take some Claritin.

So I come to you, TQC. Can you think of any other reason I might be dizzy? I can't seem to relate it to anything. It just happens while I'm sitting stationary in a chair. I feel like I'm moving when I'm not. Have you ever been dizzy with just a slight cold?

And please, srs answers only. I have severe hypochondria and even joking suggestions can trigger panic.

ETA: I have also had my ears checked, and they were clear.


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