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i've always wondered...

so this is a little embarassing, but whatever...

1. have you ever imagined music videos while listening to a song you really like?
2. what was/is your favourite song to do this to?
3. what happened in your hypothetical video?
4. was there a real music video produced for the song?
5. if yes to 4, did you like it better than the one you imagined?

yup, i'm so very lame.

1. well...yeah. many. i have an active imagination. :/
2. my favourite was 'sonne' by rammstein.
3. so, it goes along with the lyrics.
the sun is hurtling toward the earth, and people are basically counting down, waiting for it to destroy them.
all these scientists are trying to find a way to save humankind, and they end up using this one guy's experimental human being whose voice can, quite conveniently, make the sun explode before it comes too close to the earth.
so she does her singing-to-save-the-world bit (to go along, of course, with the high-pitchy singing in the actual song) and towards the end she does this whole 'the fifth element' thing and destroys it.
and everyone lives. yay!
4. yes, there was.
5. mine goes along more with the lyrics, but i really did love the one they made, so i'd say no. :)
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