meow (feeeny) wrote in thequestionclub,

will you please help me decide what to do with my life tonight? keep in mind that i've been working and going to school full time all week and am fucking exhausted.

1. go to a birthday party 20 minutes away. this would require me to spend the night with a friend because i don't like to drink and drive.

2. help one of my bff's move, become rewarded with beer and pizza. i wont feel bad if i don't do this since i helped her pack a shit load of stuff already, aka her entire kitchen and bedroom. also, a bunch of our other friends are there helping her too. this would also require me to spend the night since she often guilts me into doing so, plus i will be drinking.

3. answer one of my other friend's text message of "what are you doing tonight? i want to do something." we would probably end up going to the bar with some other people as usual.

4. stay home with netflix for the wii, smoke a few bowls, eat some pizza, and sleep in my own glorious bed with my cozy kitties.

what are you doing tonight?

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