Stufsocker: bibliomaniac (stufsocker) wrote in thequestionclub,
Stufsocker: bibliomaniac

Like you really FEEL it...

1. Is there anything about yourself that makes you feel superior to most people?
2. Is there anything about yourself that makes you feel inferior to most people?
3. Is there a color you wear more often than any other color?
4. Do you like to drive? Why/why not?
5. Why do you think you like the music that you like?
6. Do you have a defining physical characterstic? What is it?
7. Do you smile/ say hi to people you pass in hallways or avoid peoples' eyes?
8. Do you have a talent for anything?
9. Are you horrifically bad at anything?

1. my IQ, not that it *really* means anything.
2. my extra weight.
3. Purple and tan.
4. Yes. I like the feeling of moving quickly and how my head seems clearer when I'm driving.
5. I'm kind of melancholy, so I like upbeat music to balance me out. I tend to go for songs with darker lyrics though.
6. People can spot me by my red hair a mile away. I was once spotted all the way across Six Flags by a friend on the ferris wheel who got off the ride and ran over to me to say hi.
7. I prefer to be friendly, so I look down until I get within a few feet and then smile/say hi.
8. I'm musically inclined.
9. Math.
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