isacoconut (isacoconut) wrote in thequestionclub,

musica (alma sexo? lol)

Will you tell me about the best concert you've ever been to? Who was it? Why was it so awesome? Tell me all about it!

What other concerts have you been to?

Alternatively, what are you putting off right now?

I think my favorite concert so far has been Metric, this past October. They are one of my favorite bands, I have a giant girl-crush on Emily Haines, and they had such an awesome energy on stage... not to mention I know and love ALL of the songs they played, which for me makes a huge impact in how much I enjoy a show. I won tickets from the local ~alternative radio station and went with my bf, made new friends, and danced a whole bunch. A close second would be Incubus, who have been another of my favorite bands since I was an ~angsty middle-schooler, lol. It was in summer of 2007 and the dude I was dating at the time took me for a belated bday present - he bid for and won an auction for front-row tickets and backstage passes to meet the band. The show was fucking amazing, but I made a huge ass of myself when I met the band - I LOVE Brandon Boyd and I got so starstuck and tongue-tied when I met him that I told him, "You have a beautiful soul." I still hate myself for that. D: lol

I've also seen, um... a bunch of stupid local shows, Kings of Leon, the Strokes, John Mayer (druuuunk the whole time since my bff and I had a picnic in the parking lot beforehand and drank 3 bottles of wine), Shiny Toy Guns, and Josh Groban (lol I love him). ETA AND LOL I also saw Soul Decision with Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera when I was in 7th grade. With my mom. HAHAH.

I'm putting off filing like 3 months' worth of paperwork. D: I have to move shit from two filing cabinets into boxes, then shit from two more cabinets into the first two, and then file all the shit that's on my desk in the then-empty ones. I should have done it like a month ago but I DON'T WANNA.</strike>

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