Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dr. TQC:

My boyfriend has been feeling weird for the past four hours or so. I worry too much (I guess enough for the both of us) so I'm gonna see what you guys think. He says he's pretty dizzy when he's standing up/walking, but he's okay while sitting down. I asked if he had any ear trouble (thinking ear infection) and he said he had a bit of ringing in his ears earlier, but that was all and it was gone. He also said he had a bit of an ache/pressure in between his eyes, extending down to his nose and going through his cheeks. Obviously, that sounds like sinus troubles to me, right? Could the dizziness be just a sinus symptom? Should I/we be worried?

Also, who all is sick here? I feel like I've been seeing quite a few people post about it lately :(

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