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Cat question

We just recently sorta got a new cat. Previously it had belonged to our friend who lives a couple apartments down, however yesterday the cat came by when we were outside on the patio and it had all of it's whiskers cut off and was looking for attention. We felt bad for it so we basically stole our friend's cat, but we told them about it and no hard feelings so all is ok in that aspect. I'm just wondering does anyone know about how long it takes for a cat/kitten...not sure how old it is, just that it's young...take to grow back? We noticed yesterday when we gave it some water that dunked his whole head in the bowl since usually it has it's whiskers to tell him when to stop.

Also maybe someone can explain this cause I've never seen it before with my Mom's cats or our old cat. When I got home from work tonight Bert, that's what we named him after the dude from 'Mary Poppins', was about and wanted a hug...seriously this cat will reach it's paws up to hug you and sometimes try to jump on your shoulder like one of the rats, it's so cute lol. But anways back to my point, I picked him up and as I was holding and petting him he started kinda biteing my face. Not hard or anything, just kinda like in the way a lil kid would chew on things execpt well the cat has teeth already. I thought it odd and would tell him no and pull away cause I didn't know what the hell he had in mind. I found out later that he had also done the same thing to two of my other roommates. Is this a common thing or what cause I'm kinda confused.

Lastely any good solid ways to tell if your cat is deaf or just plain ignoring you? We think Bert might have some hearing trouble but aren't 100% positive.

Thanks in advance :)
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