oldpinksatin (oldpinksatin) wrote in thequestionclub,

 so i have terrible tmj and have to get 3-6 cavities filled next week. after my hour cleaning last month i had the worst headache of my life for two days from having to keep my mouth open for an hour. i've really severe flare ups in the past to the point where i couldn't open my mouth for a week and could only drink things. at that time, a dentist tried to prescribe me vicodin, which i declined because- hello- how the hell was i going to function at work on vicodin. today i called the dentist's office (a new dentist) to ask if i could get something to take before the appointment due to the pain it causes me. the receptionist wasn't a native english speaker and didnt really understand what i was saying, and essentially told me i'd be fine and that i didn't need anything.

a) do you think i need something like a strong pain reliever or muscle relaxant? (i do)
b) have you gone through a similar experience?
c) should i call again tomorrow and hope there is another receptionist?
d) if i dig around my house for expired prescriptions, what should i take?
e) my appointment is after work on the 69th floor of the chrysler building. i will then commute an hour home from there. if i take a vicodin.... what a the chances i will actually get home?

**sorry, to clarify- i don't drive home. i take two subways and a train. but sometimes i fall asleep on the train.

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