nederlandergirl (nederlandergirl) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have a super- serious question to ask. I've been taking the subway every day for the past three years and I have yet to understand the state of subway bathrooms. I know that they aren't cleaned as often as bathrooms in stores or restaurants and I know that all kinds of people go through the subways, but it still doesn't explain the extent of the-- is shitting on the floor even vandalism? What the hell? Who does this? People have told me it's snotty teenagers that go in late at night but that's not true. I've seen the janitors go in and clean it up several times during the day. 

I can understand the urge to do graffiti, but who (in a WOMEN'S washroom, so it's not like it's an accident) urinates on the toilet seat, shits on the floor, rips out all the toilet paper and douses it in urine and throws it on the floor? Are the toilets just spontaneously exploding like, three times a day? Is it prim businesswomen with secret nihilistic urges, or what?

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