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Amazon feedback

Does anyone know how long it takes Amazon to respond to a complaint about a user?

I bought a book the other week from another user, it was advertised as hardback and in very good condition when I got it I found it was paperback and the pages were mildewed - as well as that there was something sticky on the cover (first thing in the morning sticky stuff on your hands isn't very pleasant).
I left feedback of the user as a low rating and he e-mailed me shouting at me, saying that the book was in good condition, saying it wasn't advertised as hardback (It says clearly that it was a hardback I ordered from him) and he is threatening to give me a low rating back, my inbox is flooded with abusive e-mails from this user - which I just don't think is right.

Was I somehow wrong in being displeased with the condition the book was in?
Fair enough it was second hand but no where near as it was advertised and filthy and there is certainly no need for the user to send abuse via e-mail to me for a bad rating.
Was a complaint to Amazon the best way to go about it?
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