mcstupid with a side of idiot (jaysus) wrote in thequestionclub,
mcstupid with a side of idiot

Goddamn...I just fucked up my job interview. I got all flustered and I kept repeating the same shit over and over and I even slipped up and told her I was a bit nervous. Fuck. Why do I suck so much? Can this week get any more awesome?

ETA - I was in a car accident yesterday. I made an ultra dumb mistake. I was making a left turn at a stop sign and didn't see a Mercedes coming and hit its back wheel with my car. The girl seemed sweet at the time and nobody was hurt (I was going less than 10mph in a residential street, although she was going pretty fast). Anyways, it screwed up her back wheel. She was totally fine but today I found out she is claiming injury (fucking bullshit). I'm so fucking upset. I wanna crawl into a hole until this is all over.

I'm just curious now...I'm a dumbass and I don't really get how this works. If someone claims injury, and they get money out of it -- do they HAVE to use the money for medical purposes? Or can they use it for whatever they want? I'm broke right now and this just really, really sucks.
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