getoffmeplease (getoffmeplease) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, what do you think happened to my parcel?

I bought several things from the Showtime Store. They couldn't ship all of the items outside the US, so I decided to use a mail forwarding service. I've used them a few times before and they've always been efficient and awesome. The person emailed me letting me know everything except for one item (a poster) has arrived and asked if it was meant to be delivered seperately. I checked the order and each thing had a seperate tracking number. I looked up the tracking info of each item and EVERYTHING has been delivered. According to the tracking info, the poster was delivered, left on the porch at the same time as two other items on Monday. But they don't have the poster.

Did someone steal my bloody poster?

Am I going to be able to get my money back even though I didn't get it delivered to my address? I feel as though that ruins the credibility of my claim if I try to get my money back. "Oh hey, I got this poster sent to someone I don't know so they could send it to me but /they said/ it never arrived even though the tracking info says otherwise. Can I have my $50 back?"

Do I start panicking now?

DK/DC: Are you expecting anything in the mail? What is it?
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