ethernetbunny (ethernetbunny) wrote in thequestionclub,

Random List

1) How do you react to/cope with needy people? Are you impatient or do you try to help?

2) How does a needy person forge a stronger bond to another needy person instead of someone who is actively helping them A LOT?

3) What do you think of this theory?

They say that a relationship is unlike addition. Rather, it is like multiplication:
1/2 a person X 1/2 a person = 1/4 a relationship;
even 1 person X 1/2 a person = 1/2 a relationship;
There is no winning, unless:
1 person X 1 person = 1 relationship.

Somehow, the fractious seek one another out.

4) Funny women don't impress men?

5) Were you taunted as a child? What kind of taunting? How did you cope?

6) Are you watching the Super Bowl or are you a football widow? I'm the latter.
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