knittas (knittas) wrote in thequestionclub,

So at my college there is an all school announcement list. A few days ago there was an ad for some lady and trans-roughhousing club. Today, an angry person at school sent an email out TO THE ENTIRE school about how heteronormative it is to not expand this group to everyone. I guess the original post said something about being "female-sized". I think if you are a 700 pound 8 foot tall person who is a cis-female or someone who identifies as female, any size is female sized.

Here come the questions:

1. Was it wrong of me to send a private email to the respondent about their decision to publicly humiliate and ridicule the original poster?

2. The original post said there would be an activity called sticky hands. What is that?

3. What the hell is the point of a roughhousing club anyway?
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