head case with a smile (justaminuteaway) wrote in thequestionclub,
head case with a smile


1. Worst concert you've ever been to?

2. Best concert you've ever been to?

Details, please.

3. Do you know what Three Mile Island is, and where it's at without googling it?

4. How does one go about getting a job as a roadie for a band? Or even as just a techie in a rock concert hall kind of place? I absulotely love the whole process of setting up and taking down the stage and tuning guitars and stuff and, of course, getting to hear music nearly every night. I'd love to be a part of it.

1. My worst concert ever was this Nickolodean all day concert event at Hershey Park stadium. I had JUST started my very first period that day, so I was cranky and feeling way above something so 'kiddish' like Nickolodean. I didn't like any of the bands very much; the only ones I distinctly remember hating were LFO and B*Witched, the rest were just a blur of badness. Sucky music, periods, and screaming little kids don't mix.

2. My best concert ever was last night, CKY at the Crowbar in State College, PA. Me and my friends were the very first ones there and actually wandered around inside the venue before someone told us we had to wait outside. We met the band some before the show, as well as the drummers family (the Margeras, who are as cool and nice as they are on Viva La Bam). I actually got a drum cover that they all doodled and signed because they were bored and I happened to be first in line; it's pretty damn cool. And then the actual concert was great. There's something enjoyable about being able to sing along with the band while they're sweating above your head only a foot away and you're crushed between so many sweaty bodies. So, good concerts are apparently made up of great music and getting to actually interact with the band and their friends.

3. Yes, but I live next to it. My friends are CONVINCED everyone knows where it is and what happened there, even comparing it to 9/11. I feel compelled to prove them wrong, thus, a poll of TQC.
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