Aims (akb06e) wrote in thequestionclub,

I currently attend graduate school and work part-time.  I want to start applying for full-time jobs though because I need to make more money/take out less loans. I have at least a year of school left though. Should I mention the fact that I am still in school on my resumes/cover letters?  I am worried that it will make prospective employers think that I'm not long-term employee material but at the same time, the things I'm learning are relevant to the jobs I'm applying for.

Also, my program is really flexible in that all the classes are offered online as well.  So I could take online classes, finish my degree, and work a normal schedule or even relocate if I found something ~*~ amazing ~*~ in another city.  I'm not sure if that negates any potential employer concerns though.

DK/DC: How did you find out about TQC? Did you lurk first or did you jump right in with comments/questions?

I found TQC through someone else's livejournal years ago and it was the greatest thing ever since I was working as an intern for a company that didn't know what to do with an intern.  I had hardly any work to do so I spent most of the day refreshing TQC.  I guess I'm an extended lurker though since I read frequently but rarely comment/post.
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