2nutsforwords (2nutsforwords) wrote in thequestionclub,

More social validation questions? I know you secretly love it, TQC.

A VERY ATTRACTIVE BOY who I've mentioned on here a couple of times just IMed me via facebook to talk about a test we both took. We're talking about our psycho teacher and I say

"[it's like] fuck you! don't talk shit about my mommy!"

...and he hasn't responded in 5 minutes.

Would you be stunned into silence by such a comment? Or is it just because he's realized how much he DOESN'T love me, since I have a potty mouth? Why, TQC? Why?

DK/DC Do you like weird socks? I have a pair with unicorns on them. And a couple of rainbow-striped ones.

Don't you hate it when a community you love gets the spotlight and then it's filled with newbies who can't even read the faqs/rules? ugh.
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